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Interveners are individuals who help provide access to visual and auditory information for individuals with deafblindness.  Intervener services are provided by an individual who:

1) has received specialized training in deaf-blindness.

2) works one-on-one with a child or youth who is deaf-blind, keeping in mind the principle “Do with, not for.”

3) works under the supervision of a teacher who is informed about the intervener role and effective teaming.

4) serves as a member of a child’s educational team.

Visit the National Center on Deaf-Blindness (NCDB) for helpful resources:

Are Intervener Services Appropriate for Your Student with Deaf-Blindness?: An IEP Team Discussion Guide

Read Increasing Recognition & Use of Interveners: State Success Stories featuring information of how states have furthered the practice of interveners in their states.

SCHOLARSHIP OPPORUNITY: Washington Sensory Disabilities Services (WSDS) is collaborating with Central Michigan University (CMU) to provide training and a credential for becoming a deafblind intervener…read more

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