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As specialized staff who provide services through WSDS, we aim to “strengthen the capacity of families and schools to form partnerships that involve shared decision making and lead to collaboration.”

– Roots of Inclusion website, 2024

If you are a parent wondering where to start or what to do next, our team is here to listen to your concerns. Please use the Yêu cầu hỗ trợ button to ask your question, or call the numbers listed below.

Services for families and educators are focused on three specialized components, please contact our team members for your area of need:

Deaf/Hard of Hearing:

Birth to 5 years:
Kris Ching

6 to 21 years:
Dr. Erica Pedro
360-608-0806 (di động)


Birth to 21 years:
Katie Humes

Blind/Low Vision:

Birth to 5 years:
Jessica Chandler

6 to 21 years:
Pam Parker

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