Washington Sensory Disabilities Services is funded through the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI), Special Education Section.  Visit other Washington Projects supported by OSPI for additional resources and services:

Trung tâm Thay đổi Dịch vụ Chuyển tiếp (CCTS)

Provides secondary transition training and technical support to Educational Service Districts (ESDs), Local Educational Agencies (LEAs), and public schools that serve high school-age students who have an Individual Education Program (IEP). CCTS provides resources and support services to all Washington State stakeholders including special education teachers, directors, students, and their families.

Special Education Support Center (SESC)

Provides training to all educators (including administrators and pre-service teachers), as well as to parents and service organizations. We collaborate with numerous organizations to assure that educators and the families they serve have a clear understanding of state and federal rules and best practices related to students with disabilities.

Special Education Technology Center (SETC)

Provides training, consultation, technology loans, and resource information to help school districts and families implement assistive technology interventions in addressing the special learning needs of children with disabilities.

eLearning for Educators

Provides online courses designed for busy K–12 educators who serve students with disabilities.